Unlock Seamless Payroll & HR Management for Small Businesses in California
Streamline your HR management and payroll processes effortlessly with EarnPayroll, your all-in-one solution for small business. Simplify workforce management, ensure compliance, and go hassle-free!

Tailored Solutions, Unbeatable Prices, Seamless Experience

Your business is unique, and so are your payroll and HR needs. That’s why we offer customized packages that fit like a glove. Not only do we guarantee to beat any competitor’s price by at least 20%, but we also make integration seamless with one-click sign-on.

With EarnPayroll, you’re not just getting a service—you’re getting a solution that scales with your ambitions.

Our Comprehensive
HR Management and Payroll Services

1. Simplified Payroll Solutions

Experience hassle-free payroll processing with EarnPayroll, the trusted provider of payroll services in California and reliable payroll solutions for small businesses. From regular wages to diverse contractor fees, our intuitive platform handles it all, ensuring accurate calculations, compliance with tax laws, and a streamlined payroll experience for your business.

2. Precise Time Tracking

Elevate your workforce efficiency with EarnPayroll’s time tracking capabilities. Our system seamlessly integrates with time and attendance data, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Stay in control of employee hours, promoting accuracy and efficiency in your payroll operations.

3. Efficient Small Business HR Management

Transform your HR tasks with EarnPayroll’s seamless integration. From onboarding to PTO management, our platform simplifies HR processes for small and mid-sized businesses in California. Enjoy a centralized hub for employee information, enhancing overall efficiency and ensuring a unified approach to workforce management.

Effortless Payroll Processing

Streamline payments for employees and contractors seamlessly with EarnPayroll's dedicated payroll services in California and specialized payroll solutions for small businesses.

Unlimited Direct Deposits

Ensure secure, limitless transactions for reliable and prompt payments, an essential feature for small and mid-sized businesses

Seamless HR Management Service

Integrate HR tasks seamlessly, providing a unified workforce solution tailored for the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

Ready-to-File Tax Returns

Simplify tax obligations with prepared and compliant payroll tax returns, an integral part of our comprehensive payroll solutions for small businesses.

From small startups to established enterprises,
we provide the coverage you need to thrive.

HR Management Service

Payroll services

Time & Attendance


Mobile & Web Employee Hub

EarnPayroll’s mobile and web employee hub offers a centralized platform where employees can access their pay details, manage their personal information, and view important documents from any device.

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